8 months ago

Opinions on Portfolio development (Hosting wise)

Posted 8 months ago by Jaytee

Don't ask, but I've never put a portfolio website live. I've usually just emailed potential clients / employers through with a few code samples, and images of designs I've created. Employers that I've worked for have also asked me to conduct a practical test, which is where they are most interested.

I'm looking to start picking up clients properly, so have decided to start on a Portfolio. Hell, if users with no concept of learning on this forum can pick up clients, so can I haha.

I'm curious tho. I've been stuck between building a static-site or a Laravel site.

Right now, i'm leaning towards a static-site with TightenCo's Jigsaw. I don't have a reason to have a site running server-side, as it's really just a showcase, and it would be the optimal solution.

But, I'm thinking about the future, what if I want to put demo projects on the server than can be ran, or handle form submissions (as with static sites, you can't do this without the use of a service like Netlify) etc, or build a blog, or want a database. I know of course, I could have separate apps for things that would require server-side stuff, but I think you understand what I mean.

The idea was, if i build a static site, it can just live on Github pages with a custom domain I've got.

Reckon I should just build a website with Laravel instead? That way, my problems are solved for the future, and should I need to upload / expand with features that require a server, I can easily do so. I'm not sure why this is a difficult decision for me to make, but it is. It's just one of those things in my brain. I guess it's because the site is only going to have about 5 parent pages (to start with), with nested pages between (e.g: projects and project/{nameofprojectorwhatever}

How do you guys host your portfolios?

P.S: Where's the best place to start as a freelancer to get clients? I'm not wanting to look local, as it's quite low-demand at the moment (I know this from experience). International would be ideal. Please don't mention sites like Upwork and Guru etc. I've been developing in Laravel for about 5 years, and I have quite a presence on this forum which can back that up. Those sites are a joke for getting work.


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