7 months ago

Nuxt SSR + Laravel API nginx conf advice

Posted 7 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I'm thinking about trying the following stack: bascially Laravel would act as the API backend and Nuxt would server side render the app and fetch (vuex data) for the components with axios, that way I'd have a server side rendered, SEO friendly app using both vue and laravel.

Is this a good combo, I don't want to use express or similar since I'm not experienced with nde.js yet.

Both backend and forntend would be their own projects, that is two separate folders, I think this would be the best option to manage and mantain forntend and backend separately.

Now I'll be using nginx as a web server, and I'd have something like which would be my nuxt frontend AND as my API where all my endpoints are placed (laravel).

My question is how could my nginx configuration file look like? I have read a bit and what I'm supposed to do is use nginx as a reverse proxy right? anyone have a virtusl host conf for such a setup in nginx?

Any help, advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated for a noob like me!

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