Nova, Backpack or another?

Published 1 month ago by romulo27

HI guys, i need a little help.

In addition to the Backpack and Nova packages, what other options can I use in competing with them?

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An admin can just be an area just for admins. Coded with links with padding. It was done that way for years.

Some nav + some css = an admin area.


Build your own one yourself... Believe me it's better! There are no one fits all solution out there, I have searched for it for a while. The good ones you would have to pay for and they only give you a starter package with the commonly used stuff. But if you need something specific you would still have to build it yourself.

So I decided to build it myself, I have build my own admin-panel (it's actually a cms) with larval + vue js. I have made use of Vuetify for the frontend building blocks, but Element UI might have been a better choice. I like the simple ui of element ui more than material design.


Hum, Thanks Guys!


Like the others have said, you're better off building your own, although it takes more than just some "nav + some css" to make a decent, user-friendly, robust admin panel.

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