1 year ago

Need advice for developing an ERP

Posted 1 year ago by NalindaDJ

Hi All, I have developed an ERP software written in pure PHP with 22 different modules such as Accounting, HR, CRM, Warehouse, Transport ..etc. Also it contain nearly 1000 tables. Same application used by multiple customers.

I plan to re-write this application using laravel. I would like to get advice from you all about how do I structure this and what are the best practices. I have multiple customers using the same application what is the best approach to start developments? The current application contains many features but this level I consider following points:

1. Multiple Modules (Accounting, HR, CRM, Repoting, Transport ...etc  all modules are linked with finance)
2. Multiple Customers with different configurations (Separate Database for each, On/Off switches for features)

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