5 years ago

Modular way to structure js files

Posted 5 years ago by kfirba


As we all know, laravel makes the back-end development extremely easy and modular. You can have as many classes as you want and as long as you follow psr-0 or psr-4 they will all be autoloaded.

However, when it comes to the front-end, I'm in a pinch. I tried to use RequireJS but after learning about it, I realized that the directory I work on, isn't for production. If I want to avoid tons of HTTP requests, I should use r.js to append my JavasScript files in the right order and make it work. However, it seems like I need to work on directory x and when I publish my website I should publish the x-build directory which r.js generates.

I couldn't figure out how it should be done with Laravel since we have only one public folder and I don't want to "hack" the framework.

Do you know any other way I can make my JavaScript workflow modular while maintaining the usage of 3rd library and dependencies (Loading order does matter)?

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