3 years ago

MacBook for low budget dev

Posted 3 years ago by diegoalmesp

Hello guys! I'm joining the darkside of hardware any time soon. I've been developing under Windows and Linux, but I will switch to Mac. The thing is, in my country (Argentina) Macs are extremely expensive due to internal taxes, for example: a Macbook Air (1,6Ghz i5/8GB/128GB) costs approximately U$D 2400.

I would go for a Macbook Pro, but I'm not sure I will be able to afford it.

My question is: is the MacBook Air (like the one I described above) suitable for web development? I use the regular Laravel tools (Vagrant, Sublime, etc), for Mobile: Android Studio (with Meteor + ReactJs) and I whatever I need to compile the same apps to iOS.

Your oppinions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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