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Looking for opinions from developers who've worked on WordPress and Laravel

Posted 3 years ago by thebigk

Howdy, wonderful community!

I'm seeking opinion from developers who've developed for both WordPress and Laravel about migrating from WP to Laravel for my web app development project. I'll explain in brief:

I began learning PHP and picked up WP as platform to begin development. At present, I'm at a stage where I've developed about 5 web applications and am confident enough to use WP Custom Post Types for almost everything that I need. I've faced no problems whatsoever using WP as a 'framework' for my web applications.

I must mention that I'm developing apps as member sites of WordPress Multisite network; where each individual site of the network acts as an app: Event listing, Job Board, Resume Builder, QnA etc.

Frankly speaking, I've not found a solid reason yet to move away from WordPress.


Looking at the future, the count of these apps will, some day, cross 50 or 100 or even more. Not that I'm worried about scalability, I'm wondering if I'm doing the 'right thing' by sticking to WordPress as an app development platform; which it is not.

Custom Post Types are all good and let me build things quickly. I've not found any issues. However, in the recent times, I've been intrigued by Laravel and been really enjoying what it offers. I, however, cannot make up my mind whether I should really consider migrating to Laravel. It's definitely going to involve lot of learning; but I'm confident that I should be able to pick it up in 2-3 months of dedicated time.

Could you please let me know -

  1. What advantages (if any) can I expect with Laravel. I'm looking at the 'SPARK' project that provides some basic setup for the apps.

  2. WP's inbuilt functions make life damn easy. It's got a ton of functions out of the box for various common requirements: like fetching user meta or post meta, saving meta and so on. If I've to make remote requests, I can use wp_remote_get and it works really good. I learn that Laravel too does a lot of things and has plenty of helpers.

  3. I think in future, the complexity of the apps will grow multifold. I can still figure out ways to build complex apps with WP, but maybe Laravel has something better?

  4. I really appreciate the amount of help available for WP on the Internet. You just have to type into Google and someone's there who's had the exact problem in the past. Laravel too has a great community but is finding help easy?

  5. Is there anything I didn't consider at all? Will it be worth switching to Laravel for complex apps?

I thank you in advance for reading my questions. Would really appreciate if you could spare some time to help me out.

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