2 years ago

Laravel Web App and Local App

Posted 2 years ago by Opulido

Hi there,

I have the need to work on an app where the users in some scenarios do not have internet access. The main app will reside somewhere in the cloud therefore accessible when having internet access but there are locations that do not have internet access (believe it!). On these locations, the users will need to have the same functionality and a way to export the data in order to uploaded to the main app database and integrate their data into the main database. You may ask, why there is no internet. The need of an app is on remote locations where communication is bad but still there is a need to have an app to capture and administer operations of the business locally and also be able to have the info integrated into the main app. Finally, the local app code can not or should not be seen by the users.

Is there a way to do this with Laravel?


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