2 months ago

Laravel Vue SPA, firebase hosting and social login

Posted 2 months ago by belipero

Hi All!

We want to convert our actual Laravel v7 app into a PWA and host frontend in Firebase and Laravel Backend in Google Cloud VM.

We have to accomplish the following requirements:

  1. Frotend will be moved to VueJS and hosted in firebase
  2. Current login must continue being Social (nowadays we use Socialite package and we restrict in LoginController that only emails from can proceed to login)
  3. We want to implement push notifications once PWA is ready

Which are the following recommendations based on requirements?

  1. Do we continue using Socialite package or we move to Laravel Airlock or Firebase Social Authentication?
  2. For Push Notifications, any package for laravel in order to invoke firebase push notifications or do you recommend other approach?


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