Laravel + Vue : Routes on web.php / api.php

Posted 7 months ago by Neewd

Hello guys,

I am quite a new guy on Laravel and I have started working on a project, and I would like get some advice about the good architecture to pick.

I decided to manage my front with Vue and my backend with Laravel.

What I have started to do is to capture the routes through Laravel and sent it to my Vue routes to determines which components to load etc. And I was thinking to make "api" calls though axios into my Vue.components to retrieve the data from my controller in order to display them into my view.

That's still a "web" logic.

But I am also thinking to the future API I will provide.

So what is the best option to take ?

Put some Route::resource('model', 'Controller') into the web.php file, then call those routes in my Vue.components, and put the Route::resource('model','Controller') into my api.php file ?

Thank you for your answer I don't know if I am going the right way or not.


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