Laravel vs plan PHP with no framework

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Hi there,

It has been a while since my last web app development where I used to code everything using plain PHP and coding everything from scratch (session control, user access and App and DB permissions, connecting to a DB and designing the queries).

Is Laravel the way to go to speed up the development time over a well tested and proven framework? Can I have control over the types of queries I need. The web app o need to create will have a relational DB with lots of tables with a lot of relations. Is it possible to define queries in order to use primary keys or indexes in order to optimize the query path and response time? The DB will have a lot of tables containing thousands and millions of records.

I hope you guys can guide me on this before I start doing it all from scratch.


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Yes, watch the intro videos.

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Believe me (all of us those depends on Laravel), it will increase your development speed (workflow) at least 10 times than raw php!!!

You will find the answer for why you choose Laravel over raw php for your development here-

Read this also:


Thank you so much for the answers! Maybe I have not gotten that far on the videos. Also, is there a step by step or workflow defined it order of actions recommended to build an app with Laravel? Something like first create the main page and secondary pages, then add session control, then permissions, etc

Thanks again!

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There are few series for that. @jeffreyway did very good job for us.

Check -


From personal experience I can tell you that switching over from plain old PHP to a framework seems like a hassle at the start. You need to relearn certain concepts and sometimes you're like "I could have done this so much quicker the old way".

But somewhere along the line of your first project (for me it was when I hit the point where I'd laid down the groundwork and was starting to delve deeper in the different pages, controllers and views etc), you'll come to realise that from that point, everything goes so much quicker and smoother.

It took me three tries (and three frameworks) to get my head around it. Started with Zend, then Symphony, they both failed miserably. Then I was introduced to CodeIgniter, which gave me my lightbulb moment. Switched to Laravel for the next project and haven't looked back since.


I went the other way and Learnt Laravel before learning plain old PhP and having now worked in both environments! I always come back to Laravel , I mean always.

I have used Codeigniter, Phalcon and Zend also and Laravel wins for me hands down every time. Its simple to understand and offers so much in terms of speed and its written in a way that it some how understands what it is we do and how quick we need to do it.

Laravel made my transition from Front end to Back end a simple one, Hope that helps in any way


Thank you all for your comments!!


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