Laravel tutorial for a nice project

Published 7 months ago by kordix

Do you know any good tutorial for a nice Laravel project and something ELSE than todolist or shop? I am not really interested in "adanced Eloquent", "advanced autenthication" or others single aspects of framework. The best I like is bigger projects where you can use such aspects in practice.

I see there is Project Flyer tutorial here, that's also quite nice, but it's hard to find anything else.

Forum with TDD is a nice project but it's bloated with unit test what kinda freaks me out. Have you seen something like this without TDD manner?


Hmm I think something like CRM or ERP project would be nice, it can be kind of based on a shop project


I did it already


I'm not sure if I can leave a link here to another subscription tutorial website. So just google for "Build a File Marketplace with Laravel" and "Build a classified ads site". If you want something free then you can try Amitav Roy youtube channel:


@kordix It would behoove you to learn testing if you don’t practice it already.

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@bestmomo has one on github.

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