4 years ago

laravel homestead confused about versions 0.2.7 / 2.1.5 ??

Posted 4 years ago by spar_x

Hi all!

So I learned that Taylor made some cool new changes to the way Homestead serve and provision works.. basically fixed some quirky behavior that was happening before.

So I am trying to figure out how to update to the new homestead. When I ran "homestead update" it said I was on version 0.2.6 and that 0.2.7 was available so I said yes and it updated that.

But then I see that on github the latest version is 2.1.5

I seem to understand that 0.2.7 is the version of the Vagrant Box.. but how do I update the actual homestead to 2.1.5 so I get the latest functionalities? Or does 0.2.7 come with 2.1.5 ? How do I check that I am currently on 2.1.5 ?

And will I get the updates after just running 'homestead update' or do I have to do a destroy & init before I have the latest functionalities?

Also.. on a side note.. when I do 'homestead ssh' I get a message saying "your version of Ubuntu is no longer supported 14.10" and asks me if I want to update to 15.04. What's telling me this? Is it Ubuntu telling me that 14.10 is no longer supported? Is it Vagrant? Is it homestead? Should I update or it doesn't really matter? I see that on Vagrant's website it still shows that 0.2.7 uses 14.04 LTS so... /confused

Would love if someone could clear things up a little here.. thanks much!

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