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Laravel frustration

Posted 2 years ago by muuucho

My aim with this post is actually to hire a teacher. But let me start with my background. I am

I am +50 years old I don’t have english as my native language. I’ve learned procedural PHP +5 years ago. I am an an entrepreneur full of ideas of company apps. I have one well used app for production planning etc running at a company for 3 years, made without frameworks. A login, a database, and then cruds, cruds, cruds... I’ve touched another framework for some months. From that I got a little understanding of MVC and OOP. Now I am learning Laravel. I’m in a hurry, because I have an app that just waits to hit the world.

Now the problem. Laravel code can be done in many different ways. (That goes for any language/framework I guess). Following Jeff W’s lessons might be the best way to learn for most of new coders, it’s broad and touches interesting side things. It shows many ways of doing the same thing. During the lessons, code is erased and it starts all over again showing the next way to achieve the same thing. And next....

Don’t get me wrong, this is for sure a very good way to teach. Especially young alert brains that soaks everything up quickly. And Jeff is fantastic, but when he says ‘don’t get overwhelmed’ after his 5th way to tackle the same problem I am already overwhelmed. No hard feelings Jeff, I am just in a hurry and it tends to be messy in my brain when I feel that I don’t have the time to rewind and try to decide what approach I should pic that fits with my earlier decisions from earlier classes.

Another way of learning is asking questions on the forum, a lot of fantastic people has already showed patience with me, which I am truly thankful for. Different persons have different solutions, some present solutions using all the magic of Laravel, other keep it more simple. Building my knowledge from that makes some part of my code use magic that happens behind the scenes, while other is straightforward in Controllers, Models and Views. Inconsistencies is of course the result.

Let me give you an example of what I would have been extremely happy to find.

I like to see crud code that I can copy right into my fresh Laravel installation with Laravels out-of-the-box authentication system.

And please remember, I am not lazy, I am in a hurry (and I have an old brain)

The teaching code that I look for should be a pretty straight forward. I will try to pick up and implement the magic later. Blade is fine to use, it is an example of pretty straightforward stuff that really helps you write faster code. Also basic layout files such as master, errors, footer, nav. Bootstrap css is perfect for stressed coders, bring it on!

The code should contain different resources that consists of routes, controllers, models and views and it should cover:

CRUD CRUD one to many CRUD many to many (yes, there are many different ways to go, but please show me one)

The CRUDs should show some validation.

From that I will start to copy and create real world code. It will be tons of cruds, so it would be helpful with some refactoring. Base Controller/Model and such. And all that I didn’t know that I would like to have, please!

And most important, keep it simple! I am impressed of all that Laravel can do, but right now I can’t take it in.

An advice to Jeff: Please go on with all your fantastic instructions, but please make some code downloadable that covers an introduction of Laravel 5.4 basics. That code I will be happy to pay a lot more than $9 for.

I am sure that I will destroy such code many times before I hammer it home, but for me, I am sure it would be the easiest way. Get people up and running with consistent code that works and are understandable. That code should give me some basic understand how Laravel is working and I could start my project while I let it all sink in.

This would have thought me ONE way to code in Laravel and give me the self-confidence to find out the other ways.

This what I liked to say. But this post also contains a request. Anyone who knows if such downloadable code exists or if I could hire a remote teacher/mentor that I can ask for help, maybe using github sharing the project there. Some skype/email/trello on that...

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