Laravel doesn't see (almost) any view

Published 10 months ago by zbyshekh

I just made a small project and created couple simple views, nothing fancy. But Laravel can see only couple pre-generated views like 'welcome', 'login' etc. It doesn't even see 'home' that was also generated with Auth. I've made a dozen other project but never had this problem. I use Laragon (other projects work fine) and Laravel 5.5 (my first time with this version)

What can be wrong?

@edit - forgot to post the error

View [home] not found.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "doesn't see"? Does it throw an error? Is there anything in the logs?

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These views are all loaded by a controller in response to a route in web.php?


they are loaded like that:

Route::get('/route', function (){
    return view('home');
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what folder is home in?


it's in resources/views, same as welcome.blade.php which works actually, but home.blade.php doesn't


Do you by any chance have data referenced in the home view? if so check your database to see if the fields you referenced are there. Maybe you forgot to migrate the database or smth

quick check to see if it's the home content problem is just removing everything from it and trying to run it.

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