5 years ago

Laravel Cashier Implementing Different Payment Gateways

Posted 5 years ago by 5pArxz

Hi Guys,

I think the title says it all, extending Cashier to use other payment gateways. Is it worth it / possible ? I do like the elegance of Cashier however it's not supported in my Country, and i actually see this pop up allot.

When looking over the Cashier source code i noticed that it seems to be highly depended upon Stripe even the Billable Contract, which may or may not be difficult to replicate with other payment gateways. So does one try to extend it in a way to use other Payment gateways or do i replicate the same package for a different gateway or if anyone knows of any packages worth looking into ( that handles subscriptions and billing ) ?

Because as to when / if Stripe will ever get to my Country ( which i doubt because of our 3ds Secure bull that is a strict requirement and not to even mention PCI Compliance ).

Any Input regarding this predicament will be greatly appreciated.

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