Laravel as a Backend to an APP

Published 11 months ago by TrentDPT

Morning All,

I keep hearing the concept of Laravel as a backend to an app, and using API calls or RESTful API calls. I understand the generalized concept that Laravel can be the PHP on the backend of an APP, and that the app (made with either Ionic or Phonegap) then just makes 'calls' to Laravel, but I have no idea how this is done or where to find information that will more easily explain this or walk me through it.

Does anyone know of any tutorials, or can they explain it? Or is it in one of Jeffery's videos, and I just dont know the title?

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Few questions.

  1. Does the app require/have login or register functionality?
  2. Do the calls need to be protected or is it public data?
  3. Is it saving data to the backend?

You can use JWT (JSON Web Tokens) to call and login to Laravel like normal. Laravel also has a nice API system with rate limits etc now.


Hi @bashy,

For simplicity lets say I want to make an app that taps into the TDD Forum series by Jeffrey, and it needs all that functionality as well.

How should i go about learning and implimenting this?

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I'm not sure on where you'd learn about app related stuff but JWT is the way to go with that. The app frameworks you mentioned are good to use. Cordova is used (and is what Ionic uses) or Quasar

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