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I'm wondering if there's any E-Commerce solutions based on Laravel, or if things like Magento and WooCommerce are the way to go?

I have a medium-large project coming up that uses all the normal E-Commerce functionality, but once the product is added to the cart, there's some hefty customization that needs to happen.

I could probably make this work in Woo Commerce or Magento, but since I love Laravel, I figured i'd check ;)

Building an E-Commerce site completely from scratch seems like reinventing the wheel though.

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I don't know of any turnkey solutions but there are a lot of packages that will make building one a lot easier. Things such as laravel/cashier

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I don't know of any turnkey solutions but there are a lot of packages that will make building one a lot easier. Things such as laravel/cashier


Ah thanks for that! I'll look and see what other packages are out there. A turnkey solution based on Laravel would be great!


This depends....

An e-commerce site can be much more than just a site that has some basic payment options for a hand full of products.

If it's a retail client that's expecting much more than a few cms pages and a page for their products. e.g. seo, filters, intergrations with third party systems, an epos, ebay, amazon... etc I'd say you might want to consider magento.


Magento ? ^^ This is one of the biggest and most complex E-Commerce Systems out there But if you need a "simple" Cart maybe u give this a shot ->

Of course Laravel is just a Framework and you have to develope your Application by yourself. You will not find a plugin like "wocommerce" that works out of the box.


Sorry if my question was misleading. Like I said, it's a medium - large sized eCommerce project. So I'm not looking for a small ECommerce system. I'm looking for something thorough and flexible, that can handle a hefty project.

I was just wondering if there is a solution built on Laravel, since I really enjoy working with Laravel.

Magento is currently what I'm headed toward, but I figured I'd check ;)


Maybe you can try Shopware ( ) This is one of the leading Systems in Germany and some of Germanys biggest Companys are using Shopware like Haribo, Wacom, Stabilo, Deutsche See ..

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Sorry for digging this up. But I needed to tell you. ;) Right now I'd definately go with Magento for a medium to large project size. Check out the Magento Composer installer which will make you feel right at home.

Magento is based on Zend so everything is a bit more complicated than you're used to in Magento. But once you've got the hang of it, you've got yourself a solution that is easily upgradable and convenient to manage and support.


I searched for something like (symfony based) to Laravel, but not found. so let's make everything from scratch.

Many people need a simple and custom e-commerce . Magento has more than 300 tables in your database (nothing simple) and many resources left over. WooCommerce is simple but your CMS is not very friendly for client ( The same problem of wordpress own : never be like something custom made) .

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Earlier this month my company launched a Laravel based webshop: You can read about it here:


Hi, If you want to go one step higher above of using Symfony 2 (what Laravel is based upon), there is a ready made solution name Sylius from KNPLabs They have it for open source and provide commercial support too (

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Sylius looks promising but for all use cases I have, it lacks severely. No support for multiple stores / storefronts. No support for more complex products (e.g. bundles of existing complex products). And much more.


is definitely good place to start. It is still in heavy development (btw it's not from KNPLabs, who mostly make money on consulting symfony-related things:, so it lacks many features.

But the important thing is, this is the codebase you want to work with, unlike magento (which is trying hard to be better nowadays, but there's a long and winding road ahead of the team).

It's fully bundled, so you're free to customize and extend it the way you like.


A very new Laravel based e-commerce platform on the scene is Jiro. Its based around a framework agnostic package ecosystem very much like Sylius is. Initially there will be Laravel Eloquent drivers.

We are looking for as many developers to get involved in this as soon as possible.


Can anyone point me to some documentation or direction on how to make single payments with Laravel's Cashier package instead of just subscription management?

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Maybe you just missed it. Check out the official documentation:

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