1 week ago

Laravel 6 : Permanent 419 error with CSRF token mismatch error

Posted 1 week ago by pierre4854

Hi there,

After using default login & register actions provided by the laravel/ui component, I added the socialite one. But now, when I try to resubmit forms, I'm getting a 419 error while the Debug Bar display a "CSRF token mismatch.".

What I've already tried :

  • Checking @csrf : OK, still present
  • Checking the csrf meta tag : OK
  • Regenerating the app key
  • Changing the session storage to database and array
  • Delete vendor folder and reinstall them with composer
  • Clear cache & config many times
  • Chmod 777 on the storage

But nothing change, still getting the error.

Here is my .env file, just with modified line from the default one :


Otherwise, nothing change from default files and code provider by the doc...

Anyone has an idea ?

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