Taylor, we dont see any diferrense between register() and boot() functions in ServiceProvider(s). So - in 5.3 we must get first -> load all register() method for existing ServiceProviders (besides deferred) and only then call boot() methods.

It's so strange to have two methods making the same things and calling the same time.

Please, look here: link to example

  • CRUD Generator with support for customization of the stubs. There are third-party packages attempting to do this but they aren't well supported.
  • Add to the above: Tests, API, Validation -- All these generated when it's generating controllers, views, routes and other things for the CRUD. So if we have a Post model and we fire this command. It'll create tests, views to read, create, update & delete (With Validation), Controller, API (Optional Flag) and ofc the routes itself.
  • Migrations Generator from Database (Like someone already requested +1).

Native Event Sourcing support (Event Store).


@foxted agree with @arekpietrzyk oauth is just one of many authentication method and having it baked within Laravel will make it limited. Yes its an important authentication used by many application but "used by many but not used by all" doesn't imply that it needs to be implemented within the framework. Hence why application packages exists.


More about Laravel 5 CRUD generation (scaffolding) would be very nice to have :)


More JSON field query helpers for Eloquent! :)

ie) https://twitter.com/stauffermatt/status/741373051174932480

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@Mevrael, not to start a discussion but to use 'Mail::sendConfirmationToUser($user)', I would create a seperate mailer class. It's been covered on Laracasts for sure. The way Laravel's mailer works is fine. The callbacks are easy to use. And if you don't want to use a template, you can always use 'Mail::raw()'. Good luck!

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How about the ability to use dot notation in the get method of the Collection class?

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@Kostik There is a difference between boot and register. See: https://laravel.com/docs/master/providers#the-register-method for more details.

When you're logic depends on a service bound to the ioc container, you should place it in the boot method. Placing it in the register method would add the risk of the service not yet being bound to the ioc because it's service provider is loaded after the one with your logic. That explains why the first foreach loop only calls 'register()' and the the second 'boot()' :).


@Kostik & @Juukie - it would be nice if they were declared in the order they are called as well!


Add explicit publish() setup method to service providers, so we don't have to execute code in boot which only needs to be called during installation.


-Scaffolding for Roles and Permission like make:auth -Built in packages for SMS like twilio


I'd like a simplified files structure like the file structure of rails simple and effective.


Y'all know you can just add an app/Models directory and put your models in there, right?

The app folder is PSR-4 namespaced, meaning that as long as you follow the naming structure (StudlyCaps folders and class names), Composer will automatically load those classes for you.


-Ability to turn off blade caching completely for dev env's

-Show blade file names when an error is thrown instead of the hash

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