Laravel 5 AJAX TokenMismatchException

Posted 4 years ago by rappasoft

I have a page that starts about 20 AJAX requests on load, and loads the contents in.

I have a meta tag in the header called _token, and I have this as my ajaxSetup:

                headers: {
                    'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="_token"]').attr('content')

It's hit or miss, sometimes when I run the script all 20 requests finish without problem, other times, 15 may finish and 5 will fail or 10 will finish and 10 will fail. Each time different ones finish and fail. The logs fill up with TokenMistatchExceptions.

So I tried sending a fresh csrf_token() with each request, and same problem, the page source even shows they're all the same.

Is anyone else having issues? Or is there something i'm missing with L5?

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