4 years ago

Laracast - Not Impressed

Posted 4 years ago by CarlosJa

First off i'm a newbie with Laravel but not with php development.

I been a member for 5 yrs. I just signed up for Laracast because I need to learn Laravel 5.

So far my experience has been shitty.

  1. Looking for Videos for beginners is impossible and is not in order based on training level. There's no lesson that starts from Installing Laravel, to getting familiar with it. If there is one obviously its not easy to find.

  2. After finding a video that introduces Laravel 5 which is the example i see in the video is completed different from the code structure i have downloaded for example

The guy in the video has different Routing code than i do. Mine is immediately calling views from the Route::get where in the video the guy has Route::get WelcomeControllerIndex

the main point is there's no organization to these videos.

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