[L5.1] Artisan Not working in Command Line Tool - PhpStorm

Posted 4 years ago by JorgeNeira


I'm trying to integrate Artisan in the command line tool in PHPStorm, so I can use aliases in my windows enviroment following these instructions:


It was working with Laravel 5, but I can't make it work with L5.1 It seems phpstorm is calling artisan with the --xml param, instead of --format. Does anybody know how to solve this issue from phpstorm side?


Problem Failed to parse output as xml: Error on line 4: Content is not allowed in prolog.. Command D:\Programas\xampp\php\php.exe D:\Programas\xampp\htdocs\backendDev\admin\artisan list --xml


The --xml option was deprecated in version 2.7 and will be removed in versi
on 3.0. Use the --format option instead.

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