5 years ago

[L5] Validating multiple file input

Posted 5 years ago by mattm591

I have a multiple file upload which sends an array of image files to Laravel. The images array can be accessed fine, but the validation rules I specified are always returning false because the value is an array, not a file.

I'm using a Request with a rules function, defined as:

public function rules()
    $rules = [
        'name'          => 'required|max:500',
        'code'          => 'required|unique:products|max:500',
        'description'   => 'required',
        'image'         => 'image|max:4000',

    return $rules;

I considered extending the validate function in Illuminate\Validation\Validator, but didn't have much luck (not really sure how to define it, tried a few different ways but always either got errors or it just didn't have any effect).

Can anyone suggest a way I can handle validation of an array of files globally, without having to do more manual validation by iterating my files.

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