4 months ago

Job queue monitor

Posted 4 months ago by NoxxieNl

Hiya guys,

I am in the need of giving a status monitor back to the end-user how far the queue job is done. (0% to 100%). I searched the dark and lonely ends of Github for it, and all I could find was queue job monitors that utilize the database in order to keep track of the job status.

Most of them also claim to work together with Horizon, in order to let both run.

And it got me thinking when you use Laravel horizon you must set your queue connection to Redis. Wouldn't it be handier to create a job monitor queue that also utilizes the Redis facade? Because of the fast writes that are done to update the percentage done, it would be much easier to do so.

Maybe an option to persist data to a database once the job is done or so, is this idea any logic? Or am I just missing here something?

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