5 years ago

Javascript Frameworks?

Posted 5 years ago by codenihal

I am a PHP Developer who works primarily with Laravel.

I have very little experience with Javacript ( primarily jQuery Plugins ^_^ )

I just saw a project which would require a lot of interactivity, and after consulting a few colleagues, they told me to use one of the modern Javascript Frameworks. and then, when I consulted Google... I was like...


The overwhelming number of tools, and Frameworks and ideologies just sent me to, well, I don't know since, I'm still there, and thats what I want to know...

Where the hell am I? and where do I go?

Ok, so JS Frameworks are a better way to organize your Javascript.... So?

Do I use Laravel and send stuff to my views and use this stuff like jQuery? (NO)

Do I use Laravel to create an API and use Ember or somethin to build the application ( Too Hard )

What do I do here? What are my options and how do I integrate a Javascript Framework, and a PHP Application ( built on a framework )?I'm just ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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