Issues with Mailgun and Office365/Outlook.com

Posted 4 years ago by zhiyong


This is not strictly a question but something I want to bring the community's attention to because of mailgun's popularity and it's integration into laravel.

In short, emails sent via mailgun's non-dedicated IP by default will be classified as spam by Office365/Outlook.com and other domains hosted on it.

I found this during the beta testing of my application. Somehow emails sent to my own university email address which is hosted on Office365 never show up in my inbox, while emails sent to gmail and other ESPs works just fine. After a bit of research I realized this is actually not an uncommon problem. The following link described detailed analysis: http://www.nielsbuus.dk/wordpress/?p=612

So I am back in the market again, and is considering Amazon SES. Does anyone have any suggestion? My application sends out a few hundreds emails a month at the beginning and probably a few thousands when it matures.

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