Issue with git pull on my server

Posted 3 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I'm trying to get the grasp of git but having some diffculties, what I do is have a project with two branches. one is master and the other is develop, I do my day to day coding in develop and after I feel my code is safe.

I have two questions:

1)I have a vps where I'm testing production enviroment for learning, I cloned a git repository there and my site is live, noe I used php artisan down in order to update my production site with the changes added to the remote repository, I used git pull origin master to do so but now I get this message:

how can I fix this, I want to bring the changes from remote to my live server but I can't...

I'm a noob with git but I feel like it'll come in handy in the futur so please help me out.

  1. I checkout to master and merge master with develop. Apparently when I do git merge develop it tells me I fitst need to commit some changes, is this normal? shouldn't it automatically merge the changes into master?

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