6 months ago

Issue editing remote files with winscp

Posted 6 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I downloaded winscp to access my first vps via sftp, I also set winscp's editor to visual studio since it's my favorite one! after this I tried editing an nginx conf file remotely with visual studio, I try saving the changes BUT I get an error message and the changes are NOT saved to my remote server sadly.

I'm making the changes using sudo since apparently using root is dangerous, I disabled root login with the following command too: sudo passwd -l root

This is the error message:

Obviously it has something to do with permissions but since this is my first time tinkering with ubuntu/remote server I'm not sure about what permisssions to set, I want to set the correct ones to not make my server vulnerable to attack.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated!

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