5 years ago

Is table single or multi table inheritance possible with Eloquent?

Posted 5 years ago by CrtlAltDylan

I have an application that's getting pretty large. I've noticed that one of our tables "locations" is doing the job of several tables. There are many sub-locations that inherit the same properties, but are different enough that they justify their own table (because of additional fields).

I've also noticed I need to apply this pattern to another part of my application so it's definitely a pattern worth learning how to do and implementing.

Problem is I don't see any documentation on this type of Eloquent feature. Is single and multiple class inheritance out of scope of the Eloquent ORM? I'm working on implementing the repository pattern, so I could possibly switch out to doctrine which I know supports this.

I'd just rather stick with Eloquent because it's so easy to use. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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