Is it legal to copy a "look" of a page?

Published 6 months ago by shadrix

So I think I cannot name the page here (I don't want advertise them). Nonetheless I have a question in my head and hopefully you could help me. I'm in love with the login/signup page of the particular website. It is very beautiful for me.

And they have a very unique feature that was published by themselves on medium. Now I'm so in love with that that I want the very same feature & look for my login/signup page as well. I used their published code on medium and modified it for my special look.

And of course and I'm designing/layouting everything on my own. But the "feeling" is very similar.

Now my friend asked me if that is even legal. And I don't even know. I'm curious what are you thoughts? Especially because they published the code for everybody to see.


Probably depending of their country and yours, but I'm not a lawyer ;)

Does it seems fair to you?

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If they published it on a public site (medium), then It's ok to use. If you went to their site and copied their html/css and duplicated it, that's not ok.

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Maybe not ethical but unlikely to be illegal.

I'm no lawyer but copyright tends to be for IP such as images or copy. I've never heard of anyone being pulled up for emulation.

If you were competing with them and they have deep pockets they might issue a "cease and desist" in which case you would roll over and change your design.

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With so many sites using similar layouts, why is this even a question? Take this site as an example, many sites have main content and links off to the side, standard stuff.


dont they usually have a line at the bottom of the page All rights reserved, copyrights 2018..

from my limited knowledge I have read that anything something does AUTOMATICALLY becomes owner - you cannot take their work. so a website design is 'essentially a work' done by someone - copy it at your peril..


@shez1983 good point, but funny enough they don't have a copyright under the page.

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