Is it legal to copy a "look" of a page?

Posted 8 months ago by shadrix

So I think I cannot name the page here (I don't want advertise them). Nonetheless I have a question in my head and hopefully you could help me. I'm in love with the login/signup page of the particular website. It is very beautiful for me.

And they have a very unique feature that was published by themselves on medium. Now I'm so in love with that that I want the very same feature & look for my login/signup page as well. I used their published code on medium and modified it for my special look.

And of course and I'm designing/layouting everything on my own. But the "feeling" is very similar.

Now my friend asked me if that is even legal. And I don't even know. I'm curious what are you thoughts? Especially because they published the code for everybody to see.

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