Is it just me?

Posted 2 years ago by gcolnik

Hi, I'm not sure if Jeff Way is reading this, but if you are, I just recently started learning Laravel. And your amount of knowledge about Laravel and the way of teaching is awesome. I understanding everything you're explaining on the first go, so your explanations work perfect for me. Although I do work as a programmer for a bit more than 15 years, so I might be biased a bit.

But I can't follow your typing speed, while watching the video and listening to you. Not to even mention experimenting on my own a bit. And I can't imagine how a beginner can follow a tutorial where your typing speed is like 100 words/minute (just watched php-for-beginners for the PDO videos). Of course they can pause the video, I'm sure many do, but wouldn't it be more effective to just slow that down a bit?

Either way, great tutorials, keep up the good work, but if possible, slow down the typing speed for about 30%. So that more developers will be able to watch the tutorials and type the code at the same time :)

You did make me reassess my measly 70 wpm typing speed at best, with bunch of speed typing tutorials though. So thanks for that as well :)

How about you all, how do you feel about this?

p.s.:And I'm sorry if this debate exist already anywhere in here.

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