3 years ago

I would like to know your opinion

Posted 3 years ago by danielesposito

Hello to everyone, First of all, my name is Daniele and I'm a junior web developer of PHP. I have good knowledge of procedural code, but I wanna go on. I know a bit of OOP, this means I know what a class is, how to extends it and how to manage methods. I love the idea to learn Laravel, composer and so start to follow all PSR standards, Git and Github, Server management with forge, I wanna even start to use PHPUnit to test out my code and all the stuff the comes after that to get a good level as a web developer. Now, my question is: where should I start? I have started a few days ago, The PHP Practitioner series. What should be my next step? What should be my plan to learn all about it? I will appreciate all kinds of advice from your experience. Many Thanks to y'all. D.

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