I never know how to start a Project

Published 1 week ago by tomas95go

Hi everyone, I think this a problem that I always have whenever I try to start programming a Project.

I never know how to start it, I just finished the series "Laracasts 5.4 from Scratch" and when I wanted to start my personal project, I'm just in shock, I'm a begginer with Project Development.

I want to do a Stock Managment System, where should I start? Anyone has any hints that I can use or recommend books or tutorials to how to start a Project? or may be you guys can share the approach you have when u want to do somethin.

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I'd start by writing it all out. Defining all of the features in an outline format, and what each feature needs to work. If you're trying to piece it all together in your head you will become overwhelmed unless its a simple task list or something lol. It will also help you see how things need to flow together. Thats when making a flowchart could be helpful to show logic. Once you have a good feel for it, start coding each feature.

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Start by thinking about (writing out) the kernel of the problem you are trying to solve; otherwise you could get clouded by all of the features you would your app like to have.

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WBS - Work Breakdown Structure. Do up a list of all the features of your app (that you can think of). Everything from a user being able to create an account, login, upload a photo, choose a country, set their profile status etc to things like mobile responsive design and so on (whatever it is your app does - I just took these pieces of functionality as an example). Then tackle each small task individually.

I'm working on quite a complicated bespoke e-commerce site that's using Stripe to handle payments with lots of fancy user tracking and product suggestion functionality. At the moment I'm just concentrating on auth stuff (user roles, validation, password reminder emails etc) . Once that's done I'll be looking closely at two-factor authentication. That's something I've never done before but I'm looking at that task as one distinct job that once done is done and I move on to the next part of the project.

As @Cronix said trying to formulate or conceptualise an entire project plan or functional specification in your head means you are almost doomed to failure from the start unless you are naturally gifted with that kind of mental ability. I am most certainly not gifted with that kind of a brain so I write everything down, decide what I can do - get it done neatly and properly - and move on to the next small task.

Before you know it, things start to really take shape...


Thanks for answering @Impart @tykus @Cronix , I'm taking it easy now and doing what u say guys, grabed a notepad and using my white board to start the design of the project, doing that kind of cool me off.

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