How to zoom eWorksManager's staff scheduling app on smart phones

Published 1 year ago by mazhar

I have been testing eworksmanager's staff scheduling software on mobile devices recently. It can schedule smarter and faster with its powerful & highly effective yet easy-to-use scheduling app. And automatically creates conflict-free schedules, copies shifts, imports staff schedules and so many features to manage employees. Online version of this app is pretty easy and visible. Also the app seems working fine on many mobile devices with proper design.

I am trying to test the zoom in and zoom out feature on various mobiles, while creating reports, viewing them online. Some times I don't understand the issue with mobile device or with the app. Any one using it on smart phone who have tested above mentioned and other scheduling related functionalities without any issues?

And also I want know what are the main factors to look at when comparing a staff scheduling app with its competitors apart from pricing, ease of usage, functionalities, I am trying to figure out the key if I am missing it.

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