8 months ago

How to use bootstrap delivered with laravel?

Posted 8 months ago by spectatorx

This is extremely beginner level type of question but to be honest i do not see it covered in proper way anywhere or google just doesn't like me.

In laravel 6 there is no bootstrap by default so i did all things required to add it to application (php artisan ui bootstrap and so on..) and when it already is installed in my application i would want to start using it. So as it should be available in application after beforementioned command i tried to add any example bootstrap button and see if it works. Copy and pasted code of a danger button from bootstrap examples to default homepage view, when i access page from web browser i can see button but it is not styled as it should be with bootstrap, it is in non-styled, default look of a button.

Does it mean despite adding bootstrap to application i still have to add meta tag with link to cdn into head section of a view in order to make bootstrap styling work? Or should i access bootstrap css classes in some different way?

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