How to evaluate Server Needs for a Laravel App?

Published 10 months ago by YTB

Hi all!

I'm developing a Laravel App for a company that already have almost a 200,000 users and I wanted to know a to evaluate the needed performances of the server will used? Also, I wanted to know if the use of Laravel Echo (new for me...) needs a lot a server resources.

Finally, Cloud Solutions are the best for Laravel App?




Personally a simple VPS is fine for any kind of Laravel application. The amount of resources completed depends on the application and the usage of the users. 200.00 users is fine on a simple 1GB memory VPS. However if each user is online every 5 minutes you might want to look at more power.

As I said it also depends on the application. Do you do a lot of PDF processing, image resizing and so on. If that is the case you might need more resources. The best way to test this is monitoring the current server load and see if the current load is enough for you.

As far as I know Laravel Echo doesn't costs much extra resources so you should be good to go there ;)

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@YTB Laravel requirements are minimal but if you use a cloud provider such as AWS they have a list of EC2 instance types optimised for different scenarios and billed by the second. You can chop and change, learn by trial and error and, they are all burstable.


Thanks to all for your answers. I got what I wanted to know: I have to adapt my configuration by trial and error learning.

Thanks, Best,


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