How to ensure a user can only delete it's records?

Published 2 months ago by yougotnet

I have an application with many users; is there something built into Laravel already that ensures the record the user is deleting, actually belongs to the user?

2 months ago (786,650 XP)

Yep! Authorization (gates/policies). 2 different ways, depending on what you want to do/how you want to organize them.


Perfect! Thanks!


Depends on what restrictions you want to have for your users :) If it is something really really simple, you could add a "role" column to your User table and make a middleware to check if the user is authorized to perform an action. Otherwise go for gates/policies. Or use both :)


Correct; my goal is to ensure a user can edit or delete records assign to him and to make sure one user can't delete records for another user.

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