How to edit node modules?

Posted 2 years ago by Jake2315

So, I've pulled in a Vue datepicker with npm install vuejs-datepicker --save

I've successfully managed to output it in my view by configuring these 2 files:


import Datepicker from 'vuejs-datepicker';

Vue.component('date-picker', Datepicker);

var app = new Vue({
    el: '#app'
<div class="form-group">
    <label for="arrival">Arrival</label>
    <date-picker id="arrival"></date-picker>

Now I wanted give the input (<date-picker></datepicker>) some Bootstrap styling by adding the form-control class attribute inside /node_modules/vuejs-datepicker/src/Datepicker.vue, like so:

        :type="inline ? 'hidden' : 'text'"

Unfortunately, nothing has changed in my view.

What is the right way to edit these modules/packages?

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