3 years ago

How Stripe treats plan downgrades

Posted 3 years ago by psmail

Hi. I can't quite work out how Stripe treats plan downgrades. Using Laracasts as an example -

  • Let's say I sign up on a monthly, $9 plan
  • Two weeks later, I decide to upgrade to an $86 plan. I understand that Stripe will charge an extra $77 ... less a little bit due to pro-rating out the two weeks
  • Two weeks later I downgrade again to a monthly $9 plan

What happens now? As best I can tell, I don't get a credit / refund. Instead, I am guessing that I get about 8 months worth of monthly subscription until I am billed again in about 8 months time at the monthly $9 rate. Am I correct?

A bit more - lets say I'm six months in ... I'm still on my my $9 monthly plan but, remember, I had an $86 yearly plan about five months ago so I still have some credit. If I now cancel, do I get a refund? Related to that, on a site like Laracasts, does that mean that I'd need to actually request the refund of the remaining credit?

BTW ... I am on a yearly plan at LC but I have no intention of downgrading. I'm doing some Stripe implementation and I am just using LC as a frame of reference.

Many thanks.

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