How do you deal with project structure, naming, and code organizing?

Posted 1 year ago by lievikoff


I always have problems with structure my projects or naming files/methods/functions. This happens because i want to keep it as much maintainable as possible. I had experience in supporting some projects that should be long term but they created on a knee and not by me. I know how terrible might be supporting those bad smell code. I caught myself spending a lot of time thinking about how to structure a project or name methods.

I assume that happens because of missing experience in code design or useless perfectionism.

How do you deal with that? Are there any good books you can recommend about code design or how to get rid of code perfectionism?

A quick example:

I am currently working on a WordPress Plugin that supposed to work with ReactJS. And here it goes...

Should i make src / dist folders or just keep things like assets/js assets/jsx assets/css assets/scss and then exclude those sources folders from a production version etc.

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