10 months ago

How do I fix spam Search Queries by Spam Bots

Posted 10 months ago by thebigk

I'm facing a strange issue. Search bots are searching my site and I've no way to stop them. Search Console reports all such spammy URLs (tens of thousands of them!) -익산출장마사지〖카톡:+mss42〗『mss41.c0m』동출장마사지출장안마야한곳Y♪╁2019-01-20-04-58익산➴AIJ⇣출장만족보장콜걸업소출장맛사지❤출장여대생┽출장몸매최고♀+익산

I used to expose our site search /search/ to guests; but in order to fix this - I redirected all the guest traffic to home page; but now Google shows these URLs are 'URLs with Redirect'.

How do I fix this? Would appreciate your support.

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