How can I update just the changes in model?

Posted 11 months ago by alihoushyaripour


I want to update a model(only properties that have changed) like user, in repository I write this:

public function update($id, $username, $firstName, $lastName)
    // user
    $user = new User()::find($id);

    // username
    if ($user->username !== $username) {
        $user->username = $username;

    // first_name
    if ($user->first_name !== $firstName]) {
        $user->first_name = $firstName];

    // last_name
    if ($user->last_name !== $lastName) {
        $user->last_name = $lastName;

    // save

    // success
    return true;

Is there any better way? this take a lot of line.

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