4 months ago

Horizon 403 in Public, Gate Problem

Posted 4 months ago by jkdesign1

Hey everyone,

This feels like a strange issue to me because I could have sworn everything was fine a couple of weeks ago and now I'm running into an issue with Horizon giving me a 403 in production. I've got the Service Provider and gate all set but it seems like the user is always null so I'm logged in as me, and the $user is null so I get a 403.

Everything was fine a couple of weeks ago, I'm not sure if I changed something or if something changed in Horizon. Anyone having this issue?

I saw this Horizon issue and this workaround https://github.com/laravel/horizon/issues/563#issuecomment-500821983 but unlike the folks in that thread I need only authorized users to access this, so I can't just set it to true and my user to null but that did show me that my user is always null when it hits that gate

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