Homestead updating

Posted 9 months ago by Mattiman

So, like every six months or so I'm back asking for help fixing Homestead update problems. From the last time I asked I have had this list of command I run to update. It worked for a couple of times:

Download and install latest VirtualBox
Download and install latest vagrant
Update box and repo Homestead:
$ cd ~/Homestead
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout v7.1.0 // whichever tag is released
$ vagrant box update
$ vagrant destroy
$ rm -rf .vagrant
$ vagrant up

But today I tried this again but I get this:

$ cd ~/Homestead
$ git fetch origin
remote: Counting objects: 15, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (5/5), done.
remote: Total 15 (delta 8), reused 14 (delta 8), pack-reused 0
Unpacking objects: 100% (15/15), done.
   4ee5e98..9f36545  master     -> origin/master
 * [new tag]         v7.3.0     -> v7.3.0
 * [new tag]         v7.2.0     -> v7.2.0
$ git checkout v7.3.0
Previous HEAD position was 4ee5e98... ? ? Update version to 7.1.2
HEAD is now at 9f36545... ❄️ ? ? Require box v5.2.x and tag v7.3.0
$ vagrant box update
==> homestead-7: Box 'laravel/homestead' not installed, can't check for updates.

So why do I get this message? I certainly have Homestead installed. And what can I do now?

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