Homestead: no input file specified

Posted 7 months ago by LaraLaralove

Hello this is my first post. i read it's a common issue and i already tried to use suggests i read in other posts but my laravel won't work still.

i followed all the steps, installed virtualbox, vagrant and so on just as laravel homestead guide said but everytime i try to run homestead.test in my browser i keep getting No input file specified.

Here attached is my Homestead.yaml, can you please help me find where is the mistake? thanks

    ip: ""
    memory: 2048
    cpus: 1
    provider: virtualbox

    authorize: ~/.ssh/

        - ~/.ssh/id_rsa

        - map: ~/code
          to: /home/vagrant/code

        - map: /Users/antonio/Desktop/Projects/Full-Stack-Vue.js-2-and-Laravel-5 
          to: /home/vagrant/projects

        - map: homestead.test
          to: /home/vagrant/code/Laravel/public
        - map: vuebnb.test
          to: /home/vagrant/vuebnb/public

        - homestead
        - vuebnb

    # blackfire:
    #     - id: foo
    #       token: bar
    #       client-id: foo
    #       client-token: bar

    # ports:
    #     - send: 50000
    #       to: 5000
    #     - send: 7777
    #       to: 777
    #       protocol: udp

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