2 years ago

Help on App based on Functonality Requirements

Posted 2 years ago by Opulido

Hi all,

I have the need of an app which need to have to following functionality:

  1. User sign up
  2. User login (after sign up / registration)
  3. User dashboard displayed based on roles and permissions
  4. The user dashboard has access to the users company information only (when the user registers, he/she has to provide company information)
  5. User should be able to input data related to the company operations he wants to control
  6. The User panel should have a left menu with the style of an admin panel with different sections (operations, reports, finance, etc) where he or she can select different actions (like Operations - Input daily production)
  7. The main user dashboard section will display either data entry forms, reports, graphs and so on

I know it is a lot to ask and that there are videos for some pieces as well as packages developed by other people.

Is there something that I can take as the main shell or skeleton for te app and then start modifying it? Is there someone who will like to guide me more closely into this process?

I really appreciate any help.


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