Having doubts with the Laracasts series steps

Posted 11 months ago by dannys

So i am creating this discussion because there is something i would love to get cleared in my head.

It is about the Laracasts series steps, i assume that the steps were made so that you follow each one in the asceding order 1, 2, 3 etc. in all of the series, be it laravel or php, i have now completed something like 15 series here in Laracasts, i came as complete beginner.

As i keep progressing and going to the advanced level tutorials, regardless if i understand any of it, i feel it is a little bit pointless because of my non existant project experience, like i will forget it all in the next few days since i am not realy applying anything.

For example, i am watching the Whip Monstruous Code Into Shape series, there is the consider use cases, god objects that i watched so far, but shoulnd't there be a step on Laracasts that consists on building one or two projects first, and then moving on to these tutorials where you can apply these techniques in real life? I know we got some projects here in laracasts, but none of them are included before these php steps and most of them are old and archived, except for the Let's Build a Forum with TDD.

Are the steps order badly structered? Am i actualy going along the right path? I almost feel like i started from the wrong website, like i should have gone to a more beginner friendly website, even though i still learned a lot from the beginner php series, Jeffrey did a good job on those, like php practitioner, oop and command line apps. These questions have been in my mind since like after i finished the Laravel from scratch series, after that i keep questioning if what i have been doing here in Laracasts is appropriate for me or any guy like me.

I find intermediate level tutorials, to cover topics that would only be useful to someone with a project in hands.

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