5 years ago

Gulp TDD - PHPUnit Permission Denied

Posted 5 years ago by Ionut

Hi everyone,

I just installed my first Laravel 5 app.

I'm trying to play with it a bit, but when I run gulp I get the following error:

vagrant@homestead:~/Code/laravel5$ gulp
[20:37:26] Using gulpfile ~/Code/laravel5/gulpfile.js
[20:37:26] Starting 'default'...
[20:37:26] Starting 'phpunit'...
[20:37:31] Finished 'default' after 4.69 s

   *** Debug Cmd: ./vendor/bin/phpunit --colors --debug ***

[20:37:31] /bin/sh: 1: ./vendor/bin/phpunit: Permission denied

[20:37:31] { [Error: Command failed: /bin/sh: 1: ./vendor/bin/phpunit: Permission               denied
] killed: false, code: 126, signal: null }
[20:37:31] gulp-notify: [Red!]
[20:37:31] Finished 'phpunit' after 4.8 s
[20:37:31] gulp-notify: [Error running notifier] Could not send message: not found: notify-send

Anyone has any idea why?

Thank you

OF course I'm running it on Homestead

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