4 months ago

Get Full Key from Multidimensional Array

Posted 4 months ago by hamza

Let's say I have this array:

    'a' => [
        'b' => [
            'c' => 1,
            'd' => 2,
        'e' => [
            'f' => 3,
            'g' => 4
        'h' => [
            'i' => [
                'j' => 5
        'j' => [
            'k' => 2

What I want is a PHP function that accepts this array as well as a key. Let's say the key is 'j'. Then it should return an array that contains the full key to access all 'j' keys in the array.

For this array, it should return


In this way, I will be able to access the values of the array using this full key and edit its value. But I want to search using a single key that could be anywhere in the array.

I know it will be done using the recursive technique but I could not do it.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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